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First Indigenous Student Gathering at SALA

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

On November 8th, 2022 we hosted the first gathering time to meet and connect with other Indigenous Students in Architecture at UBC. This gathering was open to everyone in the SALA community that self-identifies as Indigenous. We had 9 people attend this meeting and it was a very exciting evening!

Most of us are graduate students however 3 professionals were in attendance. Rebecca Jules, luugiyoo patrick stewart and Jake Chakasim

Rebecca Jules, Graduate Student helped us organize and get resources! She works for Indigenous Graduate students at UBC as the Indigenous Graduate Initiatives specialist.

Both Patrick and Jake were invited to guest review student mid-review projects in other classes and happened to see the posters that Alex made for ILANDS. Having them join was great,

Stay posted for future gatherings!

-Robyn Adams, Red River Métis, MARCLA '25

Alex, Kara, Robyn, Brent, Patrick, Lauren, Jake

(Our friends Rebecca and Jay left just before we took the picture)

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